New! Looks like a violin, plays like a violin… what’s different?

Assymetric EconomyWe’ve “cut” corners without sacrificing quality to produce an Asymmetric Economy R.W. McCluskie violin.

With sinuous curves and full size body, it looks great and its sound fills the room. Scaling back some elements allows us to offer this instrument at roughly two-thirds the price of a traditional R.W. McCluskie handmade violin.

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A quality hand built instrument, made from select European tone woods, it features geared “Knilling Perfection Planetary Pegs,” a standard ebony tailpiece and chinrest.

Powerful, yet light, this instrument is ideal for travel.


Length: 141/8 inches or 356 millimeters
Width: slightly narrower than a traditional violin.
Two piece back; dark plum-red varnish.

Please contact us directly additional information, availability and price.

Discover Strathmore Event

Discover Strathmore: The Music Center at Strathmore, North Bethesda, MD
At this event, Washington DC area luthiers will demonstrate their craft and showcase their instruments. Robert W. McCluskie will talk about his work and demonstrate violin and viola building techniques. This event will provide visitors with an opportunity learn about the craft as well as see several Robert W. McCluskie Violins and Violas and meet the luthier.
This event was held February 21, 2011
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